Burrito Lentil Wraps


According to Ayurveda any big beans are very difficult to digest and thus we came up with this new recipe of wraps with Green lentils and french lentils.

The wraps are made up of sprouted whole wheat. You can also substitute them with Sprouted different kinds of grain wraps or whole wheat wraps or even some gluten free flour(Amaranth, Quinoa, buckwheat flour) wraps.

Filling is made up of Green lentil, French Lentils and Rice. Herbs added to give the flavor and to help digest these delicious wraps are fennel, turmeric, Cumin and chippotle Peppers and salt.

Additional fillings are  sour cream, guacamole (Avacados, asofedita, salt and lime juice), finely chopped iceberg lettuce, finely chopped green thai chillies(optional) and cheese (fresh mozzarella is best but you can also use other kinds).

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