Baked Salty Sprouted Wheat Crackers

A wonderful snack to carry with you. This is a delicious snack at home and also while traveling. It can be kept and also eaten at the room temperature. It last for few weeks. You can substitute wheat flour with someother Gluten flour, if you are allergic to Gluten.


2 C Sprouted wheat flour (Store brought or you can grind it at home)

1/2 C Water

1/8 C Olive oil or butter or coconut oil

1 t Salt

1 t Sugar (Tubinado or Sucanut)

2 t seaseme seeds

1 t kalonji seeds

1 t Fenugreek leaves (Methi)

2 t spice mix (based on your type)

Coconut oil or Olive oil


Mix Flour, salt, sugar, spicemix, seaseme seeds, kalongi seeds and fenugreek leaves together. Add oil or butter and crumble it or mix it very nicely, till the flour looks coarse. Add water and make it into a rolling dough. Divide the dough into two or three round balls. Roll the balls into a flat tortilla 1/8 inch thick or even thinner. Poke it around the whole tortilla with a fork so that it doesnt puff up. Cut them into small squares (1.5 in X 1.5 in). Grease the baking tray or cover the baking tray with butter paper. Spread these squares in the baking tray, so that they do not touch each other. Bake them in the Oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. (You may need to change the time depends on the heat energy of your oven). Once very slightly golden, take them out and let it cool.

Once they are ready you can santify them by saying a prayer or and offering it to the Divine who has given us the ingredients and the opportunity to make this delicious preparation in the grateful or thankful mood.

Eat them with Sweet Orange or Pineapple chutney.

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