Ayurveda is an ancient science deeply rooted in the Vedic Scriptures which describes the process of healing ones own body.

As our lifestyles changed towards the culture of fast foods and convenience, the ability of our body to recognize, prevent and cure diseases was lost. The “pill” culture took over and we were subjected to medicines that could cause more harm than cure. With the advent of machinized foods, the “life” or Prana in the food also was diminished. Food has become the cause instead of the cure to disease and a healthy lifestyle.

Ayurveda, literally translated as the Veda (knowledge) of Ayuh (a long, purposeful life), questions the very reason we exist. Focused on a conscious lifestyle, Ayurveda teaches a system of regulation that allows our bodies to align with the needs of our very conscious self and that of the Supreme divine. Such harmony leads to a fulfilling satisfying and productive life, free from the turmoils of health hazards, physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, Ayurveda has also become a business with several practitioners now reverting to providing Ayurvedic pills and quick fix solutions through intense detoxifying or some other so called remedy. However we have seen that this may give temporary relief, only for the symptoms to repeat and even worsen. Its alike removing waste from a backed up sewage line. If the exit channels in our body are not open, the backup will create more harm.

We follow the “Shaka Vansya Ayurveda (SVA)” a system that can be traced all the way to Sri Krishnas son, Samba. Practitioners of SVA cured Samba of debilitating leprosy. Since then the lineage continues to advise the kings and sages of ancient India for generations.

Our primary mode of cure is through lifestyle and dietary changes. Our detoxes are also diet based and are very easy on the system. We believe that slowly we re-channelize the body to start harmonizing and connecting itself with the energies that allow you to cure yourself.

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